Monday, July 16, 2007


Those of you have or had boys may want to help me out on this one. A couple of months ago Joshua learned to ride his bike. He still can't figure out how to stop that or he loves the sound and feeling of crashing into the garage or the back of Granddad's pickup or mommy's leg. Anyway he hasn't ever cried from the falls or crashes. Which kind of worries us. He kind of reminds me of a young Evil Knievel. Well, today he smashed his hand in the weird hinge door that we had been talking about removing. It bruised right away. He went on with a little howl and cry. It didn't slow him down. Then tonight while playing with Maude grocery store. Superman was called to work. I have no idea why a store run by a Dora cash register and baby carriages would need Superman's service. What do I know? All we heard was SUPERMAN and then a big crash. Apparently a baby carriage won't hold the weight of a 44 lb superman. He actually did cry for this stunt. Small cuts to the arm and back, will be bruising by morning. All in all the crying was minimal and he was back on his feet in no time. A few short minutes later, Maude fell in backyard. She cried for an hour off and on. There was blood but just a little skinned knee. You would have thought she broke something from the crying. She cried so much Aidan started crying because he was worried about her. I am happy to report she is doing fine with 2 Dora band aids and one large sponge bob one. I really should have taken out stock in band aid company before the kids were born. We go through way to many. Daddy brings home free ones from Pharm reps. but the Viagra ones are just not fun to wear.

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