Wednesday, November 14, 2007

10 Best Surprises

1. 3rd grade my mom had a surprise birthday party for me, because that is what I wanted for my birthday, crazy enough I was shocked.
2. My sister had one for me when I turned 13.
3. Went to State in track in 1992
4. Found my soulmate when I was 17. 14 years ago today!
5. True Friends
6. Pregnant with Aidan
7. Pregnant with Joshua
8. Pregnant with Maude
9. When we bought our new house Cody had bought a Kenneth Wyatt painting I had been wanting waiting for me.
10. Surprise Birthday when I turned 30.

Ok 3 of these were surprise Birthdays and I always was surprised. My sister would have figured it out every time.
And 3 of them were pregnancies and they were truly surprises as well.


  1. What great surprises! Jim was our biggest and most unexpected surprise..... but aren't they great!!!!
    Loving husbands and their wonderful surprise gifts are also a blessing.
    Missed you tonight. Hope that all of you are well soon. Aidan is SO much fun to see and smile at in music. I am so glad that I still get to see him everyday.

  2. Hi from Mexico. This is Toni Burns in Guadalajara. I ran across your site thourgh Trey's blog. Please give your parents my love.

  3. Like number 5, I know that I am at the top of that one :)

  4. This is a cool looking blog. Wish I could make mine look like this, just a bit more manly though. Maybe something with guns and knives hanging down, or 4 X 4's would be good.

    Keep after that HNHN book. Cody will love you for it.