Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Great Day

Maude and Joshua started their school today. Maude was all smiles all morning. She finally got to wear her new outfit. Aidan and Joshua were real happy for her. Tonight over dinner they all talked about their day and how great it was. Maude said " I love Miss Janet." She talked about her friend Daily also went to school today. (Daily is Maude's imaginary friend). Daily loved Miss Juanita (the teacher's assistant). So even Daily had a good day. I love Miss Janet and Miss Juanita because they give me the chance to have a few hours of alone time and they also are awesome teachers for my kids.

I have to tell you a few funny things that I heard today...
We were getting into the suburban and Aidan walked up to me and asked if he could drive home! He was completely serious and didn't act like I would say "NO." Where in the world would he get the idea that I would possibly even consider this. Crazy what 1st grade makes you think you can do. "Give me 10 years before you say those words again to mommy."
Then tonight we were eating dinner when I heard him say that his sandwich had really good rockomolly on it. I just kept eating and didn't correct him. Let him be 6 and eat rockomolly. It was really good rockomolly, I thought to myself.
I have pictures but I am having a hard time getting them transferred.