Thursday, September 24, 2009

God and a 6 year old...

I haven't felt well for almost a week now. Just cold stuff but today Joshua came home and said his throat hurt. Tonight he said the teachers told them not to come to school if they didn't feel good (swine flu), so he didn't think he should. I said why don't we pray that we both feel better in the morning or we might have to go in and get tested (big q-tip up the nose). He was tested this past February so I thought it might perk him up to want to go to school. So I prayed that we would both be better by morning. When I said amen I opened my eyes to two big blue eyes. He said "You know God might just say be brave..." Man I love that kid!

Also for those who don't know Canadian was featured in the New York Times Newspaper this past week. There is a picture of Aidan in the slide show at the pep rally. So here is that link. It was a great story.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Maude, Joshua and I walk to their school every morning. This morning Joshua's legs hurt going up the two staircases it takes to leave our front yard. Then about a block away he stopped and said his knee hurt. He has been eating us out of the house for about a week now. So I told him his bones were growing and that is why they were aching. He said "Well, I hope I stop growing by recess!"

There was lots of talk about the Texas Tech vs. ut game around town and in our house Saturday. So Maude was talking about the kids at school that wore ut shirts to school for college day. Then she stopped and asked "Is it ok that we are still friends with them even though they like ut?"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Can't say I blame him...
I hate to get up some mornings too!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wildcat Homecoming!

The kids had a great week at school. It was homecoming week so each day they dressed up in crazy things. Today was spirit day! I went up to Aidan's school to be monitor of lunch and recess while the teachers had a birthday lunch for September birthdays. Enjoyed getting to meet and see the kids that Aidan has become friends with.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

30 years ago...

30 years ago today my parents started working in Tulia for State Farm Insurance. My Dad's name is on the sign out front but it takes a family to run a business. I am thankful for their courage to move our family to a small town and take over a business. In our family we have all joked with the numbers of hours we spent sitting waiting on dad in the car while he took pictures. I wouldn't have it any other way we were together. I know my parents are thinking is the same girl who complained hour after hour 'why does dad have to talk so much?' Well all those talks put food on the table and clothes on our backs. I can appreciate it much more now that I am married and have kids of my own. I can't write enough words to say how much I love them or appreciate them, so I won't try. THANKS MOM and DAD For the past 30 years of HARD HARD work. Love you both!!!