Sunday, November 30, 2008

Funny words

Tonight I heard Joshua, as they were watching America's funniest videos, "That guy just got hit in the peanuts." WHAT? He said he learned it at school.

Then Maude was looking at a painting of Santa. Santa is looking at a Christmas tree and the kids names are written on the Christmas ornaments. She said "The elks wrote on the ornaments."

Do you think Elks have peanuts?

I will try to post pictures of the boys at the game yesterday BU vs tt.


  1. that is just the neatest pic on top of your blog. i just love it. also the one of your kids on the side - inspiring :-)

  2. Hey Melissa! This is Brandi used to be Culwell. I was just wanting to tell ya that I've been reading your blog and I started one myself. You are so great at blogging. Anyways, mine is I hope you read it. I feel like I'm keeping up w/you and Cody thru your blog!

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