Sunday, November 16, 2008

2 out of 3

We vote in our house pretty often. Where to eat? What movie? Aidan caught on when Maude was little and would persuade her to vote for whatever he wanted. She finally figured out and votes on her own. Well last night we voted for dinner Logan's or Johnny Carino's. Joshua lost and we ate where you have to be civilized and not through food on the floor. He was mad the whole time. After we ate, well 4 of us ate, we drove over to Target. Along the way was a Hooters. Joshua announced "That is where I wanted to eat, I love it there!"


  1. This is VERY hilarious! I have been laughing OUT LOUD at the thought of him saying that.

  2. It seems like every time we went to a professional or minor league game - they were having "Hooters Night". I decided to just ignore it, and nothing was ever said by the boys. Of course, I'm sure they looked!