Monday, December 1, 2008

Baylor vs tt

Funny thing about the cookie cakes, everyone who ate the BU one got the stomach bug that night. Our time is probably limited with Joshua liking BU. It sure is hard bringing them up Baylor fans in Red Raider land. Especially living in Lubbock 3 years they got to meet Red and the masked rider several times. Cody wore his Baylor sweatshirt and cap but the day before he sported his Tech sweatshirt. He has graduated from Baylor (undergrad), ut (medical school we hate to claim that one) and Texas Tech (Residency). The kids still think if they make a bad grade they have to go to UT.


  1. The American Civil War has been given many names, but perhaps the most fitting is "The Brother's War", for its history is filled with the stories of families divided by their loyalties to both the Union and the Confederacy.

    It was like college football civil war for the Culwells! Love the pics.

  2. Love the pictures! Who is Maude a fan of? Glad to hear all those who ate the TTU cookie stayed well, but that's no fun for those of you who ate the BU cookie.

  3. I'm working on making Maude an Aggie! I'm sure you guys won't mind.