Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Cody in the making

I should be very afraid or sad or nervous. I don't really know what my emotion was when Cody and I were awaken yesterday morning BEFORE the alarm clock went off with:
"Dad Dad Tech is still number 2 in polls, Alabama is still ranked 1 Why do they not have Tech ranked 1?" This is about the time I here blah blah blah about the polls and ranking. My voice slowly drains off the pillow "You have to be kidding me you have our son waking up at the crack of dawn with ESPN reports." He is only the young age of 7 and he know how to turn the TV (ok I still can't get all the remotes to work most of the time) find ESPN and knows what a BCS or something like that poll is!
What is my world coming too? Soon there will be 3 of these ESPN boys running around our home. Maude and I have to find refuge somewhere.
(I love the fact that when I did spell check I misspelled Alabama)

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