Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Boys

Aidan and Joshua got to get their jerseys signed Saturday night by Jared Brock. He plays for West Texas A & M University and is a great Christian guy on and off the field. So I am really happy that the boys like watching him, he is a great roll model for kids. We hope to continue to get to watch him play at the next level.
He came to our church a few months ago and the boys got to meet him there but it isn't the same as when he is all dressed in his uniform. Jared's great Uncle and great Aunt are my Aunt and Uncle so that makes him feel like he is a little more accessible to us. He is so nice though I bet he is accessible to everyone. Enjoy the picture. (Thanks for sending it to us Aunt Peggy)


  1. I would really like for him to come and talk to our youth group sometime, maybe teach our class on a Sunday morning or Wed. night. Or maybe do a Sunday morning and Sunday evening thing with our youth group.
    Do you think he would?
    Could you help me set it up?
    would you would you would you would you please!!!!
    You know I am your favorite part time youth minister and insurance salesman:) Please would you please would you please.

  2. Your boys look so proud! What an awesome thing to get their jerseys signed.