Tuesday, November 18, 2008

After reading this (I Struggle from Trey's blog) blog entry and talking with a good friend this morning I feel I should write this.

It isn't always perfect...
I seem to always see the best in about everyone. (Even my husband and kids.) You know what though? We fight all of us. Cody and I struggle with making us a priority sometimes we even yell about how we should show each other we love each other.(weird I know) Aidan and I struggle with his temper. Joshua and I struggle with his lack of focus. Maude and I struggle with drama. I only write the good times and cute things we say, so we can focus on those. In the end they far out way the bad times.

Don't get me wrong we are very blessed by God. We have 3 great kids and Cody isn't too bad to look at or talk with. Everyday isn't a bed of roses...ok so here I go again see I really have a hard time with looking at the negative. I think as long as we step back and look at each situation with God's guidance we have a good chance at making it through each small or giant storm.

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  1. Sometimes we think "struggle" or "stress" is a bad thing! But every struggle, every stress is NOT bad.

    Just think -
    a mother strains and a new life is born
    a seed struggles and breaks through the soil to new leaf
    struggle creates strength, resilience, and reward.

    We ALL struggle - from the moment of conception. We struggle to live, struggle to grow, struggle to love, struggle to die. Work (struggle) is NOT bad - but something we are created for. As long as we struggle, we are alive! When we quit struggling - we die!

    You are such a great inspiration, encouragement and blessing to me! Keep it up! I appreciate every one of the five members of your family for their unique gifts - both strengths and weaknesses! We love you!