Thursday, November 13, 2008

15 years and still going

Once upon a time, 15 years ago, there were two awkward 17 year old kids that never knew what these words would mean 15 years later.
They were good friends and were the third wheel while there 2 other friends would were dating girls. They spent there evenings waiting in the car for them to say good night to whatever girl those boys were dating. In fact I use to fix him up with girls all the time. Who knew? One day a girl asked me if Cody and I were dating. I told him that night what the girl had said, November 14 1993. His response "Tell her we are" And that is how it all began. What a great 15 years it has been. We got to experience our Senior year together as friends/dating. We experienced college together and had a great time making new friends. What a life we have led together, marriage, kids and being Christians side by side. Love you Cody, oh by the way don't ask Cody his side of this story.


  1. How sweet. Thanks for everything you do for my family

  2. That's a super sweet story...but now I wnana do his!!