Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I have been painting Maude's room off and on for a few weeks now. I always do it on the nights Cody is on call so she can sleep with me. After 4 pinks and one turquiose and kilzing the pink I thought I was going to love so painted the whole wall. I finally decided all turquiose. So today while Maude was at home and awake I painted her whole room. I was her captive audience for the entire day. Now I remember why I was doing it without the kids in the house. She walked through the paint. So I got to clean the hardwood floor. Then she got it on her shirt. So I got to go find another shirt and change her. Then she talked the entire day and I mean the entire day about her dolls. So I got to learn just about everything I could about a doll and her 4 year old mom.

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