Monday, November 24, 2008


I have no idea how this topic came up. Aidan and Joshua got to talking about girlfriends in the car the other day. I popped off and said "you can't have one until you turn 20." Aidan, yes Aidan I know shocking, said "Well, when I turn 16 and get a car I am getting a girlfriend too." (Like they go hand and hand) He then said "I am getting a mustang and a girl." Maude replied "You should get a motorcycle that is what I am going to get." Boys! At this young age they are thinking about cars and girls.


  1. I still think Maude's comment is the best. How do y'all feel about her getting a motorcycle??

  2. Your day is coming. Enjoy, until they turn into a teenager. It gets worse. That is all I hear about from my teen. Car, Car, can I drive down the road? And don't even start me on the "boyfreind" thing.