Friday, November 7, 2008


Cody's mom was able to be moved to a room today. She is in very good spirits considering all her breaks and bruises. We were able to take the kids up to see her today. They were very excited it has been a long week for them not being able to see her...hearing all the things that happen to her made them very concerned. Thanks again for all of the prayers. I thought I might include her name this blog to help while you pray, Jill. We still are waiting on a release date from the hospital and when she will have surgery on her arm.

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  1. Wow!! That'll teach her to be on the ball about Christmas decor!! I was praying for her when your update came out on's a lot easier to pray now that I know what's going on. Lucky for us...we don't even have to know...God takes care of that for us!!

    So glad to hear she's ok! And SO very thankful she doesn't need surgery on her neck!!

    All our love to you guys!!
    The Pelczar's