Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Church Clothes and Pumpkins

This combines a couple of three topics. Hope you followed that...

I knew today would be crazy when my phone dinged with a reminder. I went to look and it said early release. What does that mean? the school....School secretary let's me know the kids are outside waiting.

First pictures are of the Narnia cast. We had our annual Trunk or Treat this past Sunday.

Next are pictures of the kids carving pumpkins. I thought I would let the kids do it all on their own today. Cody always seems to take over helping them. Joshua broke his first knife and cut his knuckle open with his second knife. I then realized why we never let them carve on their own. Bad idea...Note to self don't let Joshua have a knife...I am sure I have that noted somewhere.

Tonight Joshua was getting ready for church. (We make them shower before church so they can come in and go to bed.) He had a collared shirt on and he couldn't find his 'church' pants. I told him he didn't have to wear 'church' pants. He said he wouldn't be a Christian if he didn't have his Christian pants on. Guess what the world stopped turning for a few minutes and Joshua and I had a long talk on what makes a Christian and it wasn't his pants.
So are you just wearing Christian pants?
Have a great rest of the week!


  1. You have the cutest kids I've ever seen...hands down. Church pants...that's a good one. Love you guys.

  2. You are so funny! You never let me down! I love the church pants story!