Thursday, February 28, 2008


It is always lovely to hear the words that you say daily. Maude is getting very good at repeating what I say, in the tone I say it and usually at the same time I would probably say it again. It never fails when we go out to eat that when our food gets set on the table Maude has to go to the response is always the same "You have to be kidding me!" So here is a run down of the other day at home
Maude - I have to go to the bathroom
Me - ok, go
Maude - aren't you going to say something?
Me - What?
Maude - Aren't you going to say 'You have to be kidding me' with a roll of the eyes and hands on hips (which I don't do the hip thing)

She has also been handing out lots of 'this is beautiful' 'you are beautiful' 'Do I look beautiful mommy?' and lots of Wonderfuls. Then she came out with 'that is freakin crazy' Where does she come up with this stuff? I am positive we have not been throwing out the 'freakin' word. The boys don't even say that. I am just praying she doesn't over hear really bad words and say them when we least expect. I almost came out of my skin with the 'freakin' word, I can't imagine if she said a really bad one.

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  1. I used to say "shoot" when I was frustrated. When Jim was little, he was playing one day and got frustrated. I heard him say "sh...." I turned in horror (to fuss at him) and then realized where he got it from. Needless to say,I didn't use that expression any more!