Sunday, February 24, 2008

Aidan, who knew?

Well, Aidan finally surpassed Joshua in a funny story. I will not even be able to give this story justice.

Their we (my parents and the 5 of us) sat for Sunday lunch in a little family restaurant. Us and 30 others sat enjoying lunch. We all pretty well know each thank goodness for the small town thing. We all joke about beating the Baptist or Methodist, depending on what religion you are, to the restaurants around town. Anyway onto the Main Event. Our plates all were being set down and Cody and I were busy getting all the kids plates ready...cutting, ketchuping (is that a word) and fixing plates. When Aidan, who is postitioned in between Cody and I, can't get the sour cream packet open so with a tight squeeze it opens. Well let me explain how it opens, sour cream launches five feet up in the air in a stream going left about 6 feet landing nicely on the back of Herb's head (thankfully a friend of ours who is about 65-70ish years old and we also go to church with him.) There was a silence until he turned slowly around and asked if it was blood, then smiled. Then the whole restaurant lost it, everyone was laughing and wishing they had their video cameras. I cleaned Herb's head and told him we would pay dry cleaning on his suede (yes suede) jacket. He was so sweet and let us know he was washable and it was no big deal. In the mean time Aidan cried and was so upset, so we all went around the table telling funny thing we had done once and were in embarrasing. I say we, Cody couldn't recall anything he had done.

Now with story #2 oh yes today was eventful. Maude and I went to shop with my sister this afternoon. We were leaving Dillard's in that famous area were I could become Mrs. Clause. (refer to Shopping with Kids blog)Maude was walking along in her same old usual way, not paying attention. When she ran right smack into a rack of LARGE WHITE bras. All of the bras fell off and onto her, there she stood with bras all over her (head and arms) crying and there my sister and I stood laughing. My sister's boys thought we were so cruel and I assure you I would have not laughed if she was seriously injured, but knowing my daughter the way I do she was more embarrassed with the fact she had bras all over her. A man sitting with a stroller in the shoe department was trying so hard not to laugh he kept looking away as I hung up 10 bras. The little women checking out tried hard not to laugh either but it was so funny.
I hope everyone has a great week and remember don't turn your could end up with sour cream all over the back of your head or walk into a rack of bras.


  1. While I found both of these extremely funny, I feel really bad for Aidan. You do a wonderful job of creating the visuals of these episodes - you will be so glad they are documented one day!

    I just loved seeing Aidan play with Camille - he is so sweet.

  2. I always wondered how far those sour cream packs would explode. I am really thankful that you cleared that up for me. I loved your funny kid stories.

  3. Nice sour cream shot, never guessed you can make a 1000 points and an apoligy( i forgot to spell that word), and nice pictures at times square.

  4. Good stories.... kind of reminds me of a time that I ... hmm, that'd make a good post. I'll save that one. :)

  5. you guys EVER have a dull day?? I have enjoyed so much catching up on your blog!! I'm so glad you left me a comment so I could find you!! I love it!