Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Cody!

Today is Cody's birthday, his 32nd not his 15th like Joshua told his Bible class teacher Sunday. I thought I would write 10 reasons that I absolutely love this man.
You can add reasons why you think he is a great guy too but not why you are in love with him that would just be creepy.

1. His love for the Lord

2. How he cares for people

3. His favorite thing to do, is be with me and the kids

4. How he apologizes

5. Love of sports (that does not include fantasy football)

6. How he is full of lot of information,
it is like having a great book always with you

7. Man of his word

8. I love how he comes home and talks to me about his frustrations and no one else

9. That he loves me more each day and I love him more each day

10. How he teases me and makes me smile each day


  1. Well, besides:
    1 - getting a couple of free rides to regional UIL on the number sense team
    2 - always being impressed with the home projects he takes on and does well..

    I'd have to say I like how he is so sincere and sweet when he is with our kids (and dog when we had her). Happy Birthday Cody!

  2. I love how he loves my boys and takes time to talk to them about anything they are interested in...especially Cole. Cole and Cody just get each other!
    I love how he loves my sister and puts up with her! :)

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  4. I love the kind of example he sets as a man of God. Proud of his kids and madly in love with his wife.

    Happy Birthday Cody!

  5. Happy Late Birthday Cody! I am so glad we got to visit with you at grandpa's funeral.