Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I haven't left, it has just been crazy couple of weeks. As you know Cody has been sick for 2 weeks now. Then last week I started running this random fever thing. Made me question the whole tubal thing, I asked Cody what chance I had being pregnant '2%.' Made me feel a little better. Then Joshua was a little sick over the weekend and then Maude started running fever yesterday. Who is ready for spring? You know you have been stuck in the house for 2 weeks when you want to go to a basketball playoff game in town and you don't even know the team or players. Cody was on call so I put the kids to bed and went for an evening out. Oh, my mom came and sat with the kids. Thank you mom for keeping me sane. I sat with Cody's cousins which made me feel old and even older when one refered to us as their aunt and uncle. (They are college and just out of college age.)

When the whole pregnancy question was going on last week. I looked up tubal information just getting a second opinion. I found out it cost $5,900 to get it reversed (that is not happening). I passed this info onto Cody just in talking. Maude heard us and quickly stated "You can't buy a baby!" and then said "just eat alot of food and you can have a baby in your tummy like daddy."


  1. I love reading your blogs. Sounds like Maude definitely keeps things interesting around the house!! At least things aren't dull all the time. I read on Tammy's blog that she is going to the Final Four with your Dad this year. I am super jealous. Every year I try to talk him into taking me or asking if you have a long lost brother that wants to marry me! Hope you're feeling better!

  2. We are taking the boys for the first time, to the Final Four. Aidan is super excited, Josh is excited to go to San Antonio. 5 might be a little young for the Final Four. 7 might too, Aidan asked if we would get to see the Mavericks and the Spurs. Good to hear from you, sorry about your Aunt Judy. We pray for your comfort and your families during your loss.

  3. So do you need an extra babysitter??