Monday, February 4, 2008

Random thoughts

This past weekend Maude and I went with my sister and mom on a girl's trip. It was very nice and relaxing. Maude on the way home announced that I sleep naked to my sister and mom. Just let me state I do not and I have no idea why she would say that. I am sure my mom loved hearing that.
How about that Super bowl game? We had a couple of families over and had such a great time. The women sat in the kitchen the whole time and talked while the men sat and watched the game. What a great way to have a party seperate the men and women. The kids just ran and played the whole time. Joshua finally met a friend his age. He even cried when he left because he liked him so much and wanted him to stay.

I will have a special blog tomorrow so check in and be sure to leave a comment.


  1. I forgot that little tidbit of info...thanks for reminding me!

  2. that is the funniest thing i have ever heard or read. That makes my day.

  3. We had so much fun. Rocky said that we were giggling a lot and loud. He also said that that was the calmest bunch of little kids he has ever seen (weren't there 10?). I guess we were louder than the kids. Oh well, it was fun.

    You should probably make a point to let Maude see you buying PJ's. I'm glad that we agree that everyone should probably wear them. Like I told you, the naked thing is just never going to happen as long as my imagination can go crazy. I just know that I would be the one running out of the house during a fire. People should just wear clothes, always (except in the shower - which I guess there could be a fire while your in the shower - oh great, see what I mean about the imagination).