Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Punch

Last Tuesday Joshua came home from school and said he punched a boy in the nose at school. I asked why he did it that...his response was the kid had called him a baby. Being the loving mom I am I told him he better stop acting like a baby so kids wouldn't call him that. He informed me that he doesn't act like that at school only at home. I then asked how much trouble he got in when Miss Janet saw him punch this boy. His priceless response "I waited until she wasn't looking." And just how do you follow a response like that? I do not at all like what he did, but somewhat have some relief that he will probably always stick up for himself and his siblings. We had a nice little talk about ignoring him and telling him he was sorry for punching him in the nose. (I had to explain how to ignore and we even practiced.)

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