Thursday, February 7, 2008

more naked talk

I blogged earlier about Maude telling my mom and sister that I sleep naked. Once again let me state "I DO NOT!" But my sister and mom laughed at this, that made Maude decided to pass this info on to others come to find out. Well, we had friends over on Sunday, I mentioned this in girl talk with the other moms. Well, apparently Maude did too. Jennifer today after school let me know that Emma (her 3 year old) announced at their dinner Monday night with Toby's parents and grandparents, that "Maude's mom talks naked." Where is she coming up with this stuff?? At dinner with us Maude said she had a secret and it wasn't the one about mommy being naked, it was about daddy being sick. I truly have no idea why she is so obsessed with this naked talk but I am starting to get a complex.

Keep Cody in your prayers he came home yesterday morning with pneumonia. He has been sick for over a week.


  1. Tell Cody that we hope he feels better.

    I did not think that Doctors got sick:) does he treat hiself?

  2. not well... He doesn't listen well either when sick. He is going back to work tomorrow.