Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I heard this story...

There was this wonderful couple that was teaching bible class. When this little boy told the man that his mom had a stamp that wouldn't wash off. So after bible class the bible class teacher went up to this little boy's mom and said "You won't believe what (let's call him Joshua) told us in class." Then he proceeded to tell the mom about the tattoo story. Well you can imagine the mom's awkwardness when she had to reply that the little boy hadn't made it up.
I told Cody I couldn't write this story because my parents didn't know. Well, he informed me that I was 32 and it was time that I got over it.


  1. That is funny. Hopefully you won't be grounded by your parents.

  2. Hey girl! It's been a while. I read your blog a lot but just never take the time to comment. But this one I could not pass up. It really made me laugh! You are too funny! We need to get together sometime soon. I'll try to call you.

    Sharla Higgins

  3. I have to admit, I am not shocked or stunned that you have a tatoo. I am shocked that you are ONLY 32!!!!!! I could see lieing about the tat but about your age - come on! - ha ha ha

  4. Let it be known that I never told them either!!!!!

  5. Funny, Kate(plus 8) told her kids it was paint that wouldn't come off too.
    Your favorite brother-in-law

  6. hahahahahahahahahahaha that's hilarious

  7. Leave it to a story like this to find out who are my real friends!
    Kerri and Sharla I had no idea you guys read my blog!
    And Amanda I can't believe you would say knowing your age and all. Just kidding I know Bruce would only be that mean.
    What can I say about my family I knew that would comment.
    Emily I am guessing this will be one of your stories a few years from now when your kiddos come along.

  8. Oh my goodness, this story is great! There truly is never a dull moment in your household.

  9. Well - it all happened cause a little boy, let's do call him Joshua, said he liked to decorate his body! :)

    Never, ever wonder where it comes from! We ALL know! ;) JK!

    the other part of that couple

  10. Hi Melissa,

    I found out about Mandy's tatoo when her OB was discussing a C-section. Lael probably still thinks I don't know about hers:)

    Becky M

  11. Well - I was going to wait until I knew my mom had already read your post, and then make a very sarcastic comment like this:

    I'm so disappointed in you, Melissa. I never would have guessed a friend of mine would make such a crazy decision.

    But, since my mom actually commented about my tatoo - I guess that ruins that.

    Either way - this is a really funny story!