Thursday, October 9, 2008

Parent/teacher conference

After the blog entry a few days ago and today's parent teacher conference, I am beginning to wonder where we went wrong. The boys both are doing wonderful and their teachers are very sweet. However we noticed while the teacher was showing us Joshua's test that some of the words he used to rhyme....well....let's say they weren't exactly what a 5 year old should be saying. What rhymes with hill? kill
What rhymes with Sam? dam Yep you heard it right he used the words kill and dam to rhyme. The teacher tried to make us feel better by saying they could make up words. So we are sticking to that, he made it up. We don't even say shut up or stupid in this house without serious consequences.


  1. Oh the joy of kids. I know that one day I will be going through these same things, but they are funny now!

  2. Oh boy....I can understand....unforuntaley, even though you may not use those words at home...they hear them at school from other kids...I would not worry to much about it, since he is just in K..and your kids are such good ones....

  3. I learned a long time ago NOT to ask them for rhyming words with "truck" or "hit" or "witch". :) Experience is a GREAT teacher.