Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday! Joshua

What boy doesn't want a mohawk for his 6th birthday? So for the evening he gets to wear one around the house. We celebrated his birthday last Friday at Jump n Jive, of course I don't have pictures. Maybe my sister will send some to me and I can post those.
The other picture is of Checkers. When I got the pictures of Joshua off the camera to put them on I found this picture. The morning I was leaving for San Diego I had let the dogs out one last time before my parents came down for the weekend. Well, when I was ready to leave (bags at the doors and ready to walk out the door kind of ready) Checkers came flying in the door very proud carrying a live dove in his mouth. He flew right into his room and got in his bed with his dove. He was so proud! He kept trying to bury it and couldn't figure out why it kept moving away slowly. I of course called my dad and made him come get this bird. While waiting on my dad I snapped a quick photo.

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