Sunday, October 5, 2008


The other day at target:
Maude- I want these sparkly red shoes
Me-For Halloween?
Maude-Yes, I want to be Little Red ROBIN HOOD
Me-Oh you want to be Little Red Riding Hood with the red hood and basket of cookies
Maude-No, I want to be Little Red Robin Hood with the blue dress and a puppy in my basket
Me-That is Dorothy from Wizard of Oz
Maude-Oh that is who I want to be the girl with cute shoes and a puppy

Then at church we can dress up as biblical characters for our Trunk or Treat. So the boys said they wanted to be Ninjas.


  1. I personally love the fact that Maude wants to be the girl with the cute shoes and the puppy. You can never have too many cute shoes

  2. Too funny.... tell them no ninjas - but there were some great left-handed guys - call them "the mighty men of David!" and get the outfits! (WHATEVER THEY WANT!)

  3. As always, tooo funny! Love your blog!