Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Protest

I went to Amarillo yesterday. I picked up my sister and her boys and we went to eat and shop. I was looking for big pots for a Gazebo down town (long story). Anyway my sister thought I should blog about this, I hadn't seen the oddity in it until she pointed it out. We went to several different stores and we were in and out a bunch. Everytime there was one door left open and without saying anything I would get out and go shut it my side or not. After a while she asked what is the deal with the door. I told her Joshua was protesting shutting the suburban door, he feels like he is always having to shut it. I haven't really thought about it, I just knew that is how he felt and without hearing them all argue I just shut the door. It is funny our every day craziness I don't even notice anymore.
Little prayer request our new preacher and his lovely wife and 4 children will be making their way to Big Tulia from Alaska this Sunday. So please pray for their safety and sanity as they travel with 4 kids.


  1. Love the protest story. That was blog worthy.

  2. I love your kids. I am so excited Bruce & Amanda and their kids will be here when I come home in July :)