Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The passing of a friend

Sunday morning a good friend passed away to our Heavenly Father. Ralph Nevins was kind of special to our family and especially the little kids. Maude enjoyed doctoring him and teasing her daddy that she was Ralph's new doctor. We visited not often enough it seems like now. We went to the funeral home this morning and the kids just looked and never really said anything. We went to Amarillo after we went by the funeral home and then on the way home the questions came flooding in. What was Ralph doing now? Why did they have glasses on him? Won't Lela Mae (his wife) be awful lonely without him? Joshua pointed out that God might could put mud on his heart and make him all well now and he could go fishing. (Story of the blind man mud on his eyes, just in case you weren't following) Ralph's heart is healed now I am sure and he is enjoying deep breathes of heaven. Joshua at the very end said "I wish I could have hugged him one last time." Me too...

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  1. Very sweet blog. I have talked to my parents a ton of times since Sunday, and they never told me Ralph passed away. He was a very sweet man and I know he will be missed dearly by all.