Sunday, July 6, 2008

One tiny stone

I have been through this 3 really bad times and one not so bad. And after all these times I still haven't figured out how something so tiny can cause SO MUCH PAIN! I should have known this little stone was coming for a visit yesterday all the signs were there. There is something called denial that I like to listen to when it comes to these stones. I had a ct-scan and had been on 5 days of antibiotics and then another round of 10 days of antibiotics all because I was peeing blood for 3 weeks and thought it was a bladder infection. At the last time I passed one of these guys they did an x-ray and said I had about 22 kidney stones. So maybe I am getting under 20...
Anyway yesterday was somewhat minor compared to the past ones we made to the hospital in time to get pain meds before I completely lost control. A quick 4 1/2 hours later I was home pain free and today I passed a beautiful bouncing...oh that is right it is not a baby, just feels like it, tiny stone. I missed out on my family reunion, the kids were taken care and my sister lied for us. Oh I bet I wasn't suppose to mention the not telling truth part. (I would have posted a picture but that is just pretty gross)


  1. I had fun with the kids yesterday. Someone said that it appeared that they were all mine. I said that there were probably a few that wished that was not the case.
    Justin is disappointed that you didn't post the picture!

  2. Ooohh - so sorry. That sounds terrible.

    Now that you feel happy and healthy again, come see us and our new house!! Weren't we unpacking in this house the last time we saw you in Lubbock?

  3. Sorry to hear you having trouble with the rocks again. I was hoping you were through with those.