Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What a week with Joshua...

and it is only Tuesday. So there I was in the bathroom at the JCPenney outlet in Plainview. Joshua was waiting outside on me. When the fire alarm went blazing off LOUD! My first thought Joshua Byron you better not... then I look up to find two little eyes peeping through the stall. Mind you had not been in there but seconds.

Me "Joshua, Did you pull something?" Two bright little eyes widen
Joshua "No mommy...but I did push something."
Me "A Door?" (I am out of the bathroom at this point)
Joshua "Yes and it was really loud and scared me."

We went and found management and apologized. So we left the bathroom/management area to go find my sister and the rest of the kids. As we walk up they smiled and ask (having no clue) "hey guys did y'all set off the alarm?" My sister said midstream through the sentence she thought my face pretty much answered the question that should have not been asked.
After writing this it just doesn't seem as Spectacular as it did at the moment.


  1. hahahahaha Joshua is my hero! I've always wanted to do that just to see if it was really an alarm.

  2. This one made me laugh out loud! Can't wait till mine gets there!!! HA HA