Tuesday, July 29, 2008

joshua diving

This is just one of the many many many many dives Joshua has been doing the past couple of days. I took it on my new phone tonight. It is not great but just trying to become more computer/phone savvey. He really can dive much better but when mom isn't in the pool to make sure he comes up for air he tends to get scared. The child will stay at the bottom of the pool forever. Aidan likes cannon balls much more than diving but he can dive. Maude is keeping me busy with having to clean up her language. Last night while on a walk she was just talking away and she said "I was like...What the Heck?" Much to my surprise I didn't spank her. But let her know the next time that phrase came out her mouth it would end with a spanking.


  1. Love the dive!

    Some good friends of ours has a little boy that is 4 with 3 older siblings...and he has language problems too. Saturday he told his mom he came up with a new word.."What the gosh!" He got teh same speech. He has also been known for "Dang it crap!" under frustrating circumstances.

  2. great job joshua! i relate to aidan - i like cannon balls too! maude, i'm watching you - ha ha ha ha
    the preacher!

  3. ok Bruce now that you are back and Texas you have to start a blog. You and Amanda to start the first ever couple one. That would be cool! Mine kind of is a couple one if you consider that Cody always is trying to proof mine.

  4. Great video :) I am sad I didn't get to come hang out at the house the last time I was home. There never seems to be a dull moment around your house.