Sunday, June 29, 2008

the big fish

The kids and I went fishing this afternoon with my dad. Cody was oncall so he missed out on all the fun. Once again it was eventful. You can always bet there will be something that happens that is worth blogging if we go out for anything different. I am not going to name names but we will call this girl 'B' and her dad big 'Z' (not that he is big but that is the name of a penguin from surf's up.) Ok now with the story. We threw out a bunch of poles so everyone could catch a fish. When one of the poles started moving towards the water. Ok now let me back up...I had on tennis shoes, socks and jeans on, when 'B' was wearing shorts no shoes and a swim suit top. Got the picture? We jumped up and started running towards the pole...ok now go into slow motion with me...the pole slowly was jumping inching towards the water. Every time I leaned down to grab it, it went a little more and then all of the sudden it was in the water. Everyone and I mean Everyone including BIG Z and cute little 'B' started yelling "Get the pole, Get the pole!" ok in my head I was thinking just let it go, but then it started floating so I thought just barely step in and get it. Well, I ended up knee deep getting this pole! I started winding when the pole stopped letting me reel it in, so now picture this me running up the hill with a pole so I don't miss getting this fish I jumped in a lake to get. Now for the funny part...this pole was broken and could have been fine going down in the bottom of the lake. Big Z just had forgotten and Miss 'B' stayed nice and dry on her beach towel. Made for a great afternoon.
Also couldn't resist these two last pictures. The first one of Maude is of her with the water hose and the second one is what happens when you spray your daddy after he just said 'don't do that'


  1. Love the fishing story. It made my night. I love the pictures of Maude, they are too precious.

  2. My boys want to know if you caught the biggest one.

  3. Maude's picture was perfect. Good to see you guys this past week.