Monday, July 14, 2008

Round 2

Cue 'Rocky' music here. If I was really cool, I would know how to put the song from Rocky on here. Ok so I am not, but as you read this you are to hum that theme song from Rocky. The Kidney Stones and I went onto Round 2 this past Saturday. I am completely ok with the kidney stones winning every round and I will happily bow out of the competition. I gave the kids a hard time last week for not even knowing I was in the hospital. So this past Saturday when we got back from the hospital. I would awake in my bed with random items placed in my bed...a box of chocolate, colored heart cut out, and someone unraped my hand that had been bandaged from the blown vein from the IV. Nice kids! Last night came Round 3 but my sweet husband loaded me up with some pills before the pain got the best of me and we were able to spend the night in my own bed. Today I had a beautiful bouncing...oh...that is right I keep forgetting. However, I think we are going to start naming them.

I hope to post pictures tomorrow night of the Miss Splash contest. Maude is so excited. We went last year to watch all of her friends and she couldn't wait all year to walk in her bathing suit around the pool. Wish us luck that she doesn't fall in. In true Culwell fashion I am sure something will happen.


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  2. I wish I was going to be in town tomorrow night, because I would definitely yell REALLY loud for Maude....haha. I am sure she will do great. I will be in Texas, but at my grandpa's...I'll be in Tulia either late Wednesday night or Thursday morning, I'm sure I will see you sometime while I am home. The kidney stones sound AWFUL! Hope you are feeling better!

  3. Good luck, Maude!

    So sorry to hear about all the pain. I certainly hope there are no more - even though I would be very curious to hear what names you pick for them :)