Wednesday, April 23, 2008

not much

There is not a lot of funny things going on...
So I thought I would fill you in on Bible Class tonight. I have the most amazing group of kids 9-4 age group. Last week we made cards for our dear Miss Lena Powell. She had fallen last week and broke her hip. So this week we went to the hospital, sang songs and prayed for her and her roommate Dorris. The kids were so good and I know the ladies loved hearing their sweet voices. Then we went and took pictures of the kids at our preacher's house. We have a new preacher coming in July, they have 4 kids. So we are going to send pictures of each kid and a little about themselves. They are coming from Alaska, so we thought they might want to know a few kids before moving. The only 2 girls I have in class were excited because of the 4 kids they have 3 of them are girls. I use to only have one girl in class but since Maude turned 4 she thinks she gets to promote to the big class. So now I get to teach all 3 of my kids. Notice I used the word 'get' not 'have to'.

Have a great rest of the week!


  1. Tell Ms. Lena she is in my prayers. I didn't know that Bruce & Amanda had 4 kids, last I knew they just had the 2 girls. I am so excited that they are coming back to Tulia. I loved having Bruce as a youth minister when I was in high school. Both of my parents GOT to teach me in high school. Mom actually had me 4 times....they loved EVERY minute of it :)

  2. You sound like a wonderful teacher!! That probably meant the world for the ladies to get a visit from the kids!! Also, I'm excited Bruce is coming back. He will be a ray of sunshine for you guys!

  3. Melisa, Thanks for taking the kids to see Lena. I know DorisL enjoyed 'em too......Vicki