Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Final Four

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Well, I finally got to go and it was worth the wait. It was really cool to be there with all of the craziness. It was pretty cool to watch men of all walks of life (old to young) show off their loyalty to their teams. I watched men high five each other over and over, cheer with one another, and get mad all together. There was a man in our hotel that had an extra ticket that Cody bought. So Cody got to sit on row 14 in the Kansas Jayhawk section for the first 2 games. So the pictures are from his view not mine, my dad's, Aidan's and my sister's view. It was a bit chilly up in our section I guess from the altitude. Which I thought was unfair until last night. When Cody left the game with 3:21 left in the game. He couldn't bear to watch Memphis win. So when he left the gym Kansas trailed by 9...but they won in Overtime by 7. It was awesome!!!! Go Big 12!

The kids were so good, we walked miles everyday and they were awesome through the whole thing. They loved the Riverwalk and Alamo. The first night we walked around and walked up to the Alamo. Joshua looked up and said "Hey, that looks like the Alamo." We walked behind Jesse Jackson on the Riverwalk for 3-4 minutes. I mean right behind him! The other side of the River kept cheering and yelling. Maude thought that everyone was cheering for us. She was very confused as why all the fuss for us.
We had a great time and are so glad to be home!
Can't wait until it is back in San Antonio or Baylor gets there, which ever comes first.


  1. I'm so jealous!! I thought about you guys every time I watched the games on TV. And I looked for you..even though I figured you were way up there! :)

  2. I am so glad y'all had a great time. I wish I could have gone, I know it was a blast. I must admit even though I go to Mizzou, I was pulling for Kansas to win. Gotta go with the Big 12 even if they are our rival. It looks like the kids enjoyed SA as well!