Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How do I title this one?

Last week or the week before, I don't remember, Maude had a skirt on that did not have built in shorts. So many of her skirts do. So I told her that she had to wear panty covers so her panties wouldn't show. Apparently Joshua was in the room, I didn't notice. Well, today I had lunch with two wonderful sweet (never going to let me live this down)women. In fact, we were all going to a funeral and they had told another lady before I had even gotten there what had happen at lunch.

Joshua was sitting next to me. I had a shirt and skirt on, he lifted my shirt and said "Is this not a dress?" I told him no, then he preceded to lift my skirt and ask "Where are your panty covers?" Why in the world this could have not happened at home or no where for that matter, but no it happens so we have witnesses. I think it was that splenda packet that he downed just minutes earlier that led to his crazy talk. I went ahead and posted this so no one could take me down, like TAMMY (my sister long ago)

I have started questioning these strange things that happen to me and I have decided that it is just the way I look at life...Happy and very Blessed by God.
Panty Covers or not I am very blessed to have kids that care what mommy has on...
or friends to laugh with when life happens and probably not let me live this one down.


  1. Gotta love observant kids. This definitely put a smile on my face before a LONG and BORING 2 1/2 hour class.

  2. are you trying to butter us up so we don't tell? thanks for the laughs--it was a great lunch! have to do it again sometime!

    a wonderful, sweet woman

  3. funny stuff, i'm glad you are sharing.