Sunday, April 20, 2008


4 Reasons I love Maude
1. She loves to pray for all the great things God does in our lives.
2. She continues to tell me how much she loves me and her daddy and her brothers.
3. She loves to make friends with any girl.
4. She brings joy to so many older people by her sweet and caring nature for them.

4 Things I have learned from Maude
1. Girls can talk a whole bunch about nothing.
2. Pretending is just about the greatest thing in the whole world.
3. That your feet can be used as dolls if you don't have any dolls with you.
4. A flash of long eyelashes will make her daddy do anything.

4 Injuries that Maude has had in her short 4 years
1. Hit in the eye by brother with a 5 iron in his back swing. Small scar in the eyebrow.
2. Nurse's Elbow (dislocated elbow)
3. Scar in the back of her head from falling and hitting table leg.
4. This is an odd one but it left a scar on her forehead. She fell and got a huge black goose egg at my parents house. It was so big it left a white line on her forehead were the egg use to be.


  1. So I can honestly say I have never used my feet for dolls, but that's a good idea. The batting of the eyelashes will haunt Cody for the rest of his life--trust me! It's amazing what girls can get out of the fathers (as I am sure you know as well!) As for her injuries, wow, I thought I was accident prone, thank goodness her daddy is a doctor!

  2. Happy birthday Maude!! We talked about it being your birthday yesterday in the car and Lucy was very worried about what kind of cake you tell!

    We need to get you girls, your feet and real dolls together very soon!