Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Puppy

Name that dog...
Maverick...Joshua and Cody
Checkers...Me and Aidan and sometimes Maude
Snoopy...Maude sometimes
Cast your vote
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  1. Tammy - Maverick
    Justin - Snoopy

    Justin says excellent use of the composition rule of thirds on your first dog portraits. Nice sense of scale and presence and an excellent use of contrast. He was wondering what your ISO was and thought process regarding the DOF in this particular instance.
    Tammy says would you like to be his assistant now. I have heard he has an opening.

  2. I tried! I even thought these look like Justin pictures.
    My fav was Maude looking through her legs at him.

  3. Come again? I always thought I knew English! ISO? DOF? Whatever Justin said - I agree! Cute pics! AND cute kid!

    Name? Well, he doesn't look like a maverick - not rough enough. Snoopy - he was a beagle. So.... I guess I'll go with Checkers.

  4. We had a pig once that was black and white. We named him,


    Its not on your list, but I say Oreo!

  5. The puppy is PRECIOUS!! I love your picutres, they are great. I am a fan of Maverick, even if he isn't too rugged looking

  6. The new addition is cute. He seems to like Maude's feet. Always love the pictures.
    Checkers- Jack and Peggy

  7. What a cutie, looks like a "Bubbles" to me but I like Checkers too.

  8. I vote for checkers! He's a cutie.

  9. Enjoyed the pics. Vote Checkers and call him Checs. Vicki

  10. Oh my gosh...I can't decide which is cuter, Maude or Checkers! My vote is obviously for Checkers.