Saturday, April 19, 2008


OK, I have to start by saying I never really consider myself a person who groups people. But after this weekend...
This past week when we told people we were going to Arkansas for a wedding a lot of people had comments, I thought how different could it be. Well, we flew into Arkansas early yesterday morning and we stopped by a mall. I had so much going on before we left that I had forgot to take my fingernail polish off, so I decided while we were in the mall I would get my nails done. There I sat next to a high school girl who had skipped school to get her nails done for prom. Interesting...probably happens in Texas...but then she stood up and had on t-shirt, baby blue sweat pants and CAMOUFLAGE RAIN BOOTS not something I had seen before. Cody even noticed her coming out and said she met up with two other girls with the same outfit. It was just kind of funny. Well, tonight we went to dinner and there were a ton of high school kids there for prom. (no boots though) But when we left the restaurant the girls were all standing outside of the limo SMOKING.
Welcome to Arkansas...


  1. Ok, I don't understand. If you forgot to take your finger nail polish off, why would you need to get your finger nails done.

    Would'nt you need to get your finger nails done, if you forgot to put finger nail polish on?

    Help me please I am soooooooo confused!

  2. Ok, fair enough, I should have described the nailpolish thing. I had my nails done like over 2 weeks ago and my nailpolish was barely on and had dark brown/black on, so it was really ugly. That is why I needed to take it off. It is so complicated being a girl, sometimes I even get a little worn out about the upkeep.