Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's kind of...not so much

Maude and I ran to Wal-mart this morning after getting her hair cut. We had the oil changed and got a zillion groceries. On the way back I called Cody and asked him if he needed anything before we left Plainview. We talked a couple of minutes and I asked him if there had been any funny April Fool's jokes at work, he said not really. Well, a few minutes later he called me and said the school called and he was on the way up to the school. Joshua had fallen and hit his head, Cody said he would call back and tell me how he was and we hung up. So there I sat thinking the worst and then I thought I bet Cody is pulling an April Fool's joke on me or was he? So then the mind games started working. Finally a call from Cody and it wasn't a joke. Joshua was going to be fine just a knot to match the one from Friday where he fell out of a chair and from Saturday when he pulled a basketball goal over on him in the swimming pool. So 3 knots on his head and we are not even done with the week. Poor kid, he has been to that nurses office so many times... Aidan has been in that school for 3 years and I still don't think he knows were the office is.


  1. Poor guy!! I had a kid get hit right above his eye with a hockey stick today in PE. His knot was HUGE. They frequently whine about a little injury and they show me and there's nothing. This kid...when I got him to move his hand off of it...I was like "'s a pass to the nurse! And you can use my cell if you need to for aspirin." He got sent home :)

  2. What a tough kid! I can't believe all that happens to him. We were on a similar track for a while with Lucy...she had 3 ER visits (by age 2) when Kilian (age 4) bled for the first time. Probably due to his very first babysitter taking such good care of him :)