Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A 4 year old and a funeral..

The great thing about living in a small time is you get to help with all different things. I have been able to help at our church with funeral lunches. Maude comes with me pretty often. Yesterday we helped with a funeral. We helped put the flowers out before the funeral and Maude studied Mr. George several times but never asked a question. We helped with the lunch and then we went and sat at the back to listen to the my dad (who did the funeral). Then the questions flooded in...
Maude: Was he married?
Me: Yes
Maude: Ohh, I bet his wife is sad.
Me: Well, sweetie she just died two months ago.
Maude: Ohh, that is sad. OH OH but that means they are in heaven together with God!
Me: Yes
Maude: Well that is really really good. God will be happy he has them with him.
When we pray to God we will tell him to tell them "Hi" for us.
Me: yes yes we can
She amazes me...

Also, thanks to everyone for the prayers. Aidan is home and doing great we will have the results late this week or early next week. (you know doctors it will probably be late next week.)
for those who don't know Aidan had a mole on the bottom of his foot that was removed this morning. He has had it since he was one and recently it has changed size, color and has 'fingers'.


  1. Hope the diagnosis and treatment is simple.
    Love you,

  2. Love the story about Maude...I love that little girl. Glad to hear Aidan is doing well.