Monday, March 30, 2009

I think we are finally getting it

Maude right before Christmas starting throwing these HUGE fits out of no where. We were completely stunned. The first fit came at a Target and then they just started randomly coming. With her we had always been able to talk to her and she for the most part obeyed. These were screaming, kicking, yelling uncontrollable fits. Her most prized object is her doll Bryn. So we made a contract stating that if she had another fit Bryn would be taken away for a while. We have had really good luck with this. Then tonight she refused to get out of the tub and started screaming then yelled at Cody "to GET OUT!" That pretty much took Bryn away in that minute. She cried sadly not mad when that happened and told her daddy how very sorry she was over and over. He said one night without Bryn. She came in while I was in the bath real sad asked with her voice quivering "Tonight when you see Bryn will you take care of her."


  1. ahhh, how sad! Made me want to cry! You better take care of Bryn! But, maybe the fits will be fewer now!
    (remember me?)

  2. Awww, how cute and sad. I hope you take good care of Bryn. Glad to see you both stood strong with the contract, I know how cute her eyes can get, but then again I'm not her mom! So glad I got to see y'all this week. My interview at River Road went REALLY well. I'll keep you updated!