Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nursing Home Round 2

Sunday I took some kids to the nursing home to take some cookies to widows from church. I told one of the little boys "I bet you would like one of those scooters to zoom around on." He remarked with a look like oh dear "Those are for OLD SIIICK people."
Well, tonight all the kids went with their teacher to sing songs. When we got home Aidan told us that Joshua was hanging on some metal things at the nursing home and it broke off the window!!! We sent Joshua to bed. I went into talk to him later. Reminded him that we don't hang, push buttons (2 fire alarms), jump (cracked tooth), and act crazy in buildings. Then I asked why he was acting this way when he knew better. He replied "God just made me this way! I don't know why." Who could argue with that? God did make him that way... full of energy and full of love for God!

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  1. Just by the title I knew this one was going to be a great story. Joshua's a smart the response!