Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The crush...

that we never saw coming.
I think I have mentioned before how Joshua met the school nurse the first week of school and how Aidan didn't even know where she was. (Besides that one time when I mis-gave him his antibiotic and he had a tummy ache and was sent home but we don't talk about that)
Well, Joshua had the flu that one week and I sent him back to school to early. He went to the nurse and she sent him home with a high fever. Then a few weeks later he got sick again and had to go back to her. Also remember this is the kid that has a new cut every few days so he gets to go get band-aids daily. Well, he came home today and said I went to see the nurse today to have my cut cleaned but she said it was all healed and she sent me back. So then I told the teacher my tummy hurt so I could go back and she wouldn't let me.
I asked if his tummy still hurt.
He said "no, and it didn't really hurt at school I just wanted to go see the nurse."
I asked if he went to see her all the time.
He said "yes I like her she is really nice, I don't like her like I want to marry her but I like her like a Grandma."

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