Sunday, March 8, 2009

old vs even older

My dad had the kids this past Tuesday. Today he was telling us a pretty funny story. He ran up to the hospital to visit a family. He told the kids to stay in the waiting area. Our hospital has an assisted living so sometimes the residents sit there to visit or just get out of their room. Well, there sat a man named Bob (also my dad's name). The kids sat with him and I am sure acted crazy! Dad said he came back in about 5 minutes (really my dad doesn't go anywhere in just 5 minutes so it was probably more like 10 or 15). Anyway back to the funny part. The kids got in the car and Joshua said "that guy's name was Bob too just like you Granddad so that makes you twins." Aidan said "No that guy was much older than Granddad so they aren't twins." Then Joshua replied "Well, Granddad has older hair than him."


  1. Wishing you and yours much love, peace, and happiness!

  2. I had a funny to tell you too! The other day we were studying about rain forests in Asia. Myla said, "Look at that rain!"(on a picture)

    Joshua said, "I remember when it rained." Myla sighed "Me, too."

    (So funny coming from five/six year olds - although it has been a LONG time since rain).

  3. I love your kids, is it sad that when I check Emily's blog I get excited to see you have a new post. 2 weeks til I am home :)