Sunday, March 22, 2009

San Antonio Spring Break

10 more weeks and school is out. Yeah! I love being around my kids. Weeks like this, it makes me miss them. They were great on the trip and are getting older and easier to travel with besides the few times we had to pull a kid out of the river at the riverwalk. and that one time all the buttons were pushed on the elevator... and that one other time someone left my sunglasses on a park bench....and maybe that one time when one of the boys told me he was so happy that his tee tee was happy too.


  1. WOOHOO I am sooo excited to see your kiddos :) So glad to hear that none of them went completely over the edge into the's not really a kid friendly sidewalk, heck I am 25 and fear that someone will end up pushing me off the edge on parts of it

  2. You have such a sweet family. Great pictures of the kids. Summer will be here before you know it.