Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The fights...

From what I hear we have just begun...
Aidan turned 8 on March 12th and along with 8 came attitude. Over Christmas break I noticed him changing from sweet big brother to Maude to ornery big brother. He constantly picks on her and can't wait to make her scream or cry. Then we decided to move so that added a whole other dynamic. So here we are watching our 8 year old trying to deal with emotions. Yesterday it went down in the front drive with everyone to watch.
Aidan was playing basketball in the drive and Maude was scooting around on a scooter thingy. She hopped off to go grab a little pony, who knows why the little pony wanted any part of this. Anywho, Aidan went and hopped onto the scooter. Of course, Maude started crying she ran in to tell me when I had been watching from the kitchen sink hoping this would work itself out without my help. I told her I would be right out to help. When I went out I was amazed to see my daughter, who doesn't like playing ball, throwing a basketball with great strength across the street. Aidan of course hopped off and ran to get his ball, mad might I add. She ran with delight and got back on her scooter. Then Aidan launched the ball right into her head! He went to sit on his bed, when I went into talk to him I asked him "where he thought she would learn to do such a thing?" He replied, "you told her too, so I would get off the scooter." Good thought but no she came up with it all on her own and it worked until she was nailed in the head.
Brothers and a sister! We have just begun...


  1. Good luck, Sista! I feel your pain. I'm counting down until the first one flies the coop. Love them dearly, but geez!

  2. Sorry, I laughed a little on that one. I'm impressed that Maude has turned into an athlete the past two days, running after the ball, kicking the soccer ball, throwing the basketball. The moving thing will take time, like I told you, I went through it at the same time, it's hard, especially leaving all your will all work out in the end. Oh and we ate at Belle's tonight--I am STUFFED!

  3. I didn't get to talk to you much at all, but thank you so much for coming today (and being ready to help). We all really appreciate it. Also, I'm so glad the girls got to see each other.