Sunday, March 1, 2009


Maude is obsessed with texting on my phone. She will type her name and a face :) and send it over and over to my sister and some others. Well, Joshua was home all last week and asked if he could txt Aunt Tammy. So I let him text his name with a face then I walked away. All of the sudden it was time to go pick up kids so we hurried and left meanwhile I forgot he still had my phone.
So here is the texting conversation minus the 20 million faces he texted:
Josh: Josh ":) :):):0
Tammy: Yikes :0
Josh: Love you :)
Tammy: Love you buddy
Josh: Thanks
Josh: :)
Josh: Do you have
Josh: Do you have a cat
Josh: :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) (plus a few more and remember they are cuter txting)
Tammy: Are you kidding me. HeHe
Tammy: :) :) :)
Josh: Can you talk now?
Tammy: Yes
Josh: Call me
Josh: Can you pick up
Josh: Where are you?
Josh: Can't talk right now
Tammy: Call me when u can...I am headed home
Josh: Where are you?
Tammy: My car
Josh: Email me
Tammy: Where r u?
Josh: On a call.
Tammy: Huh?
Tammy: I will email u when I get home
Josh: In a meeting
Josh: Meet me at
Josh: email me
Tammy: I am confused...
Tammy: Joshua?
Josh: you
Tammy: Can I talk to your mom?


  1. That is so cute. Sounds like Joshua found the preset messages on your phone. Poor Tammy she was probably completely confused by the end of that conversation!

  2. At the point Josh said Can you talk now very early in the conversation, I thought it was Melissa talking to me. I thought with all of the moving talk she had lost it!

  3. So...heard though the grapevine that you and your family was moving to Canadian????

  4. Ok...I came to read about the rookie parenting and got sucked in! This cracks me up!! Ainsley loves to text but only does random letters and numbers...then others reply with love you too...Hi Ainsley...or something similar!! It's hilarious. What would we have thought when we were little if someone told us we would talk to people on the phone without talking to people!!! CRAZY world!! Love y'all!!