Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

This is a picture of our street with all of the flags. It is really pretty when the wind is blowing. The town in covered in them.

This story has nothing to do with Memorial Day but it was really funny. (It doesn't even include my kids) Today Maude and I were at the mall with my sister and her boys. We went to grab something to eat and Tammy went with her boys to a store close by. As soon as we sat down and got ready to eat Maude said she needed to go to the bathroom. I called my sister and told her to send Cole to sit with our food and sacks while I ran Maude to the bathroom. She said she would send him through the Sleep Bed store. Well, there we sat waiting on Cole...Then I saw him, tall skinny cotton headed 10 year old boy, walking through the store touching every bed as he walked by. Then it happened a store worker walked up to him, I couldn't tell what was going on but Cole walked away with this man. I called my sister and said "Either Cole is in trouble or he is buying a bed!" My sister said as she looked up from the store across from the sleep store there lay Cole on a bed! He came out and told me he was sorry it took him so long but he didn't have the heart to tell the man that he was slipping through the store. What man tries to sell a 10 year old a bed?

By the way Cole's sleep # is 25.


  1. Cute pictures of the kids. Great story, I agree with you, who tries to sell a 10 year old a bed?

  2. haha that cracks me up!! Someone gave us a free sleep # bed...I need to go find out my #. Maybe I can take him with me since he is experienced and all.

  3. Thanks for putting me on the internet! By the way,tell Emily & kyle I'm open on saturdays and mondays.