Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Field Day and Thank you note to Aunt Peggy

This picture is for you Aunt Peggy and Uncle Jack. I would also like to thank you for the money you sent my daughter for her birthday. I guess this would be one of her first experiences with money and shopping. It only took about 45 mintutes in the Wal-mart toy section. I read every girl item and how much everything cost. Then she finally decided if it was birthday money she should buy the birthday barbie. Good Choice let's get it and run..... I guess in the past we have just let her pick something and bought it without her holding the money, then told her it was from my aunt and uncle. I have no idea but if you have any questions on how much any girl toys cost, just ask. I felt like I was shopping with my Mom.

These are pictures of Aidan and his Field Day yesterday. It was a great hot day full of giggles and smiles. Nothing I love better than being outside enjoying God's beauty and hearing kids have a good time.


  1. I loved these. The one of Collin, Aidan and Kacen - Don't you just love those smiles!!!! Thanks for sharing. (I miss "my" kids).

  2. Nice little jab at the end...Mom I would never say a thing like that about you. :)
    from your favorite

  3. Tammy DORRIS Colson Nash!!!!!! You so are such a kiss up. I know it is you (anonymous)

  4. You have an awesome family! Yesterday it actually got up to 67 degrees here! My oldest daughter, Makayla, came home after school at 1:00 and hurried to the shade! She said it was miserable in the heat. I told her she ain't seen nothing yet! I will try to remember to let her look at your blog daily to get used to the sun!
    'a nice hot day" sounds great to me.

  5. I think it over 95 that day. My shoulders still hurt. The sun was not kind to me.
    Great to hear from you, we (everyone) can't wait for you guys to get here. I have some stuff for the kids from our class that we are rounding up to send to them. Hopefully soon.

  6. Always love to see the pictures of the kids. Glad to see Maude found something.